AVF Decolletage manufactures various types of electronic connectors including crimp contacts, cable connectors, standoffs, guide hardware, automotive connectors and D-SUB miniature connectors. Electronic connectors are available in a large range of high quality materials, all with unique properties.

D-SUB miniature connectors are commonly used in the telecom, data processing and electronic industries. A computer D-SUB contains a female socket and two male plugs. D-SUB connectors, along with cable connectors and crimp pins, are all used in a number of video and audio applications. They provide reliable and sturdy connections between cable cords and the electrical components in which they are mounted.

Precise dimensions are achieved through the use of our Tornos Swiss Automatic Screw Machines, Bechler Swiss Automatic Screw Machines and Citizen CNC Swiss Turning Machines. All of these machines are computer automated, which ensures rapid prototyping and development of parts in short lead times. Swiss automatic screw machines use cross tools that facilitate the intricate multidirectional cutting process. CNC Swiss turning machines use dies instead of cutting tools which allows more precise detailing to be added to the finished parts.

Electronic connectors are available in diameters ranging from 0.010 to 1.00 inches and lengths ranging from 0.010 to 10.00 inches. Other electronic connector specifications include tight tolerance values of ± 0.0001 inches and surface finishes to 16 micro.